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Hire The Best Aviators For Your Business Aviation Function

You need quality professionals who can bring you a maximized return on your investment. Make sure that you have taken the same care as you would hiring your senior sales individuals.


Flagship Completes Westbound Trip In 41 Hours, 7 Minutes; Claims 22 City-Pair Records The Gulfstream flight crew for the G650’s around-the-world record. From left: Tom Horne, Bud Ball, Eric Parker, Ross Oetjen and John McGrath. Download High-Resolution Image (1 MB) SAVANNAH, Ga., OCTOBER 21, 2013 — The Gulfstream G650 recently completed the fastest westbound, around-the-world flight for a non-supersonic aircraft. The ultra-long-range, ultra-large-cabin company flagship circled the globe in 41 hours, 7 minutes, establishing a world record in the C-1.l aircraft […]

In Newest No Plane No Gain Campaign, 10 CEOs Stand Up for Business Aviation

Dan Hubbard, Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 22, 2013 – Ten highly respected CEOs from some of the country’s most dynamic and widely known companies have unambiguously affirmed how business aviation works for their companies, in a new advocacy program announced today by the sponsors of the No Plane No Gain campaign. The new faces of the campaign, called Top Ten, were unveiled at the Media Kickoff Breakfast held on the opening day of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Business Aviation Convention […]

How Do You Ensure The Optimal Air Travel Solution For Your Company?

Travel/aviation needs the same business processes that you use for your other business decisions. Giving it due diligence and applying evaluative and ongoing analytical processes, helps assure that your ongoing needs are met and that your spends and benefits are optimized.

Fly With One Pilot or Two?

Just as businesses have evolved from single-proprietorship’s into sophisticated regional, national or even global businesses, aircraft and the air-system have evolved. o, why would you put your “team” in the back of a plane with only one pilot up front?

Airlines Versus Business Aviation

When it comes to business air travel, how do you know which aspect of aviation to utilize when and how?

What Part Biz Leaders Play In Their Own Safety

If the politics of the company or the aviation function, puts pressure on the group, or an individual aviator, it can have an adverse affect on aviator decision making. Aviators who might otherwise be positive trend setters can succumb to a negatively charged political house and eventually find their standards soften or more severely eroded.

Tough Times Are The Right Times For Business Aviation

The use of business aviation can help a company crawl out of tough times ahead of the crowd.

General McChrystal, Cultural Shift and Business Aviation

Just as our military strategists have observed over many years of experience, bizav strategists have learned that the ultimate key to our success is executive leadership understanding.

Why Business Aviation Integration Adds Value

Integration of your business aviation function is one of the most important things you can do to maximize the function’s value to your company. With it you can fly your company to successes others will only ponder.